…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

Short Story #3: Camp Point Blanc (Part II)

Both figures stiffened, their eyes searching the room for the whisper. They looked at each other and one of them replied hesitantly, “Yes. Who’s there?”

She resheathed her small blade and walked out into the room slowly from her hiding spot on the other side of the doorframe, her hands poised carefully in the air in front of her. “It’s me, Annie.”

“Shit Annie, you scared the hell out of us!” Anton lowered his arms and in a flash of light Annie caught sight of a gun in his hands.

“Oh yeah, because this whole night hasn’t already done that for us?” came the sarcastic reply from Annie as she moved towards them both for tense embraces. “Have you seen any of the others? Did anyone follow you two?”

Mel shook her head. She was shaking and Annie could feel it as they hugged. Mel’s voice was tiny as she whispered, “We haven’t seen anyone since Caley saw that guy and we all ran for it. Everyone split up then. Caley, Jamie and Emma ran in different directions to us and we haven’t seen them since. Then we heard…” Her voice trailed off as a small tear fell down her pale cheek and her chin began to quiver.

“… We heard a scream not long after we were separated,” Anton finished for her. “We didn’t know if it was you or Emma. But I guess seeing as you’re here…” Silence filled the room again as the facts started to sink in. It was a harsh reality. Emma was the first one from their group that had been caught since Mr Simmons, the teacher for their group, had never returned from going to the toilet late yesterday afternoon. The six students who barely knew each other before the week’s beginning had bonded fast as survival became the most important thing.

They had returned to the base camp after Mr Simmons had disappeared, but were stopped short of entering it when the screams had started. From the tree house vantage point on the outskirts of camp, Jamie had climbed to the top and seen blood trails in the central courtyard of the campsite. Where they had once sung songs around a camp fire, there had been some sort of struggle, and that was what he had relayed to the others in the group. It was at that point they had decided they would stay under cover near by as long as possible to see if anyone they knew appeared and could tell them what was going on.

When the screams and shouts became more frequent and a black figure was seen running through the bushes to the left of their hiding spot, they had begun to panic. The slash of silver light reflecting off a gun for a split second sent them over the edge into fully adrenaline pumped mode. They had decided that they would all head back into the thick of the woods and away from the trouble that was obviously occurring at the campsite. Hopefully, to relatively more safety than where they had been.

At first they had been cautious and ran in a line from one tree to the next trying to remain under cover. When they had been running for what seemed like hours and the dark of night had fully set in, they stopped and regrouped. Sharing out the small amount of snacks that each search party had been given in the afternoon, they had argued about where they were on the map. It was only after they had a consensus, that they had then started planning what they were going to do.

Anton had been the only one with a decent idea o what to do and took charge. “The boys in my dorm were trying to freak each other out last night and one of Nathan told a story about a small house not far from here in the middle of the woods. He said there was an aboriginal boy who had lived there since his family were attacked by some wolves in the woods. I say we go there and stay there for as long as possible unless followed and then we try finding the road on the outskirts of the woods over that way. If we can make it to the road, we should be able to find someone to help us.”

“I just want to get out of this hell.” Emma had replied. “Let’s stick to that plan. We’ll continue the way we’re going now until we get to the house. If someone starts to follow us, then don’t stop. Keep going.”

“What if we get split up?” Mel had already become panicky.

“If we get split up then meet at the house. If you get there don’t wait too long for anyone else to rock up. You’ve got to keep moving in case someone is following us. You’ll just be trapped in there. Always keep moving.” That was Annie’s idea.

Remembering that brought her back to the present again and she realised that Anton had been talking to her while she was stuck in her memories of just a few hours earlier. “Sorry what did you say Anton? I missed that.”

“Are you alright Annie?”

“Yeah I’m fine, let’s just figure out how to get out of this mess and get home. You said you didn’t know where the others are. Did you have anyone following you guys? And how on earth did you get a gun?”

“After we lost the others we came across one guy in black – one of them. He was passed out cold on the ground and we stopped only long enough to check it wasn’t a trap. When we were sure there was no one else around I went over to him to see if I could get any idea of what was going on and who the fuck they are.”

“Did you find anything?”

“Nothing. He was dressed all in black – he even had a black ski mask on. He had two guns and a cache of knives – one on each sleeve and ankle. These guys are supposed to be silent and I don’t think they came with any intentions of taking prisoners. From everything we’ve heard and seen tonight, I’d say they’re only killing.” His voice was hardening as he said it. They may have only been 18 years old, but they weren’t fools. They had to face the truth if they wanted to survive, and they all knew it. A small choked sob escaped from Mel as more tears fell down her cheek before Anton continued urgently, his lip curling in disgust, “When I went to remove his mask the guy started to wake up and mumble something, but I didn’t wait long enough to listen to it.”

“Anton what did you do?”

 [to be continued]


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