…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

Short Story #3: Camp Point Blanc (Part III)

When he didn’t answer, Mel whispered, “He… He kicked the guy in the head and he went limp again. Then Anton grabbed the guns and knives and ran back to where I was hiding.” She held up another gun in her hand, this one black and smaller than the first one that Anton still clutched in his hands pointed down.

“Shit Anton! Alright… Look, I’ve been here for a while now. Together, we’ve been here far too long and we’ve got to keep going. We’ll make for the road south of here, on the edge of the woods. It shouldn’t be too far now, but we’ve got to go now.

“What about the others?” Mel was visibly shaking in fright now, her eyes wide with fear.

“Look we don’t know what’s happened to them, but they know the plan. We’ve got to go!” Anton had caught onto the immediate importance of getting as far away as possible from the camp. He walked out the door and down the corridor that lead to both the front door where Annie had broken in and the rooms at the south end of the house. They all followed him as he stationed himself at the edge of another window and peeked around the edge of the metal blinds that had been pulled down.

“I can’t see anyone else out there. None of us and none of them. There’s some steps leading up to the house outside… I think it must be to a door in the next room or something. Annie go check. That’ll be our way out and we’ll make a run for it.”

Annie swiftly and silently moved from the window into the next room and found the small door. “It’s in here,” she whispered back just loud enough to be heard from the next room.

“Ok I’ll stay at the window, when I say go open the door slowly. Mel, you go in there with Annie. Once you’ve opened it Annie, stay completely still, and I’ll watch outside to see if there’s any movement there. If not, I’ll come join you and we’ll bolt. Got it?”

“Got it. Thank god we’re finally getting out of here.”

Annie tensed herself as Mel joined her, making sure to stay out of the direct view of the door. Then Anton’s low voice came from the other room, “Go.” Annie slowly opened the door, praying that it didn’t creek. For an abandoned house, it was strangely well looked after with the new additions to all doors and windows as well as all doors being well oiled at the hinges. It opened without so much as a groan and Annie thanked who ever it was looking after them from above.

All was silent and on edge as Annie and Mel waited dead still for Anton to give them the all clear and join them. All they could hope for was that one-degree of safety before they made their mad dash for survival. There was no way they would survive the rest of the night in the tiny house, despite it only being a matter of hours until daylight. After what seemed like the longest wait in the world, Anton moved silently beside them and they moved out the door and down the stairs to the woods again. Anton silently motioned to the south of the house, and they set out on a hurried trot.

A sudden shout behind them, made the trio stop dead in their tracks and turn rearward, towards the noise. Behind them in the woods, on the hill behind the house, a black figure could be seen. As they spotted him, another figure came into view from behind some other trees on the hill. When Annie spotted the last figures that appeared, the blood drained from her face. It was Caley.

By this stage, Anton had also spotted it and had covered Mel’s mouth to stop her screaming and giving away their position. He was slowly moving sideways to the cover of a large tree and with wide eyes, beckoned Annie to do the same. Annie followed as she continued to watch the scene on the hill where she had previously ran from to the safety of the house.

The rest played out in slow motion as she watched Caley run down the slope towards the house, slip, and lose her footing. She slid a couple of metres down the slope, hitting rocks and leaving a trail in the leaves that covered the ground, until finally she found a purchase for her feet and stopped herself. A black figure appeared from behind the trees to the left of Caley who was still unaware, and lunged towards her. Mel began to scream behind Anton’s hand just as the figure caught Caley and in a swift motion of his black gloved hand, her head lolled to the side and she slid to the ground.

The other figures on the hill turned towards where the three of them were hiding and Mel began to panic again, her eyes wide with fear over the top Anton’s hand. Adrenaline was all that controlled all three of them as Anton yelled “run!” and let go of Mel. His stolen gun was in one hand and his knife in the other. Annie ran to Mel’s side and pulled on her arm to get her moving. The black figures were moving rapidly down the slope behind them with ease in pursuit.

Dragging Mel’s arm behind her, Annie realised that Mel still limply clasped the gun in her hand. She made a grab for it shouting to Mel, “I’m a better shot than you, get your knife and run!” Something twitched inside Mel at that moment as she released the gun and clasped the knife more firmly in the other hand, picking up speed and overtaking Annie. The race was on again, except unlike some running race in primary school, the winner of this race got to live.

Annie’s thudding feet picked up the pace as she made a made dash back into the thick of the woods heading south. She could only just see Anton and Mel running in front and to the sides of her, but after only a few minutes of full out sprinting, she could also hear the sounds of pursuit hot on their tails. Mel must of heard it as well because a scream escaped her mouth again and she ran that tiny bit faster.

All the while, leaves and braches were snapping past, trees and bushes became hazy again as they flashed past. Annie was watching not only in front of herself, making sure not to trip for risk of being killed, but also in her peripherals for any sign of attack. It didn’t matter though, she could hear who ever was behind her, gaining distance. She turned just in time to see a black figure mere meters behind Mel to her left and she fired the gun in her hand. A loud crack sounded as the gun went off and the figure fell to the ground. He was still rolling around on the ground as he disappeared behind them, so he must have been wounded. She kept running.

Anton was in front of them when his gun sounded, the shot reverberating around the woods thanks to the thick canopy above them. He kept moving forwards, so Annie and Mel followed suit, not knowing what danger he had fired at. They discovered it when Mel went down. Out of nowhere a black figure tackled her to the ground, her screaming the only sign of the struggle.

Annie stopped and fired two shots at the man. The first one missing and the second one finally immobilising him as his body went limp on top of Mel. Annie waited for a second, preying for Mel to move, to show a sign of life, but there was nothing and she was no more. “Mel! Get up Mel! Please!” Annie’s voice sounded strained as she began to move slowly away from the scene.

Abruptly the shadows were broken as a figure rushed over the limp bodies at Annie, arm raised with a glinting knife. Without thinking, her finger pulled on the metal trigger again, and the gun fired at the assassin. He staggered as it hit his shoulder, but still he kept running at her. For the first time that night Annie screamed. She didn’t know if it was a scream of terror or anger, but it ripped through her throat and poured energy into her hands as she squeezed the trigger repeatedly.

Each bullet landed squarely in the man’s chest and finally he fell to the ground in front of her feet. His hand thudded on top of her shoe and she quickly backed away. When he didn’t move again for another second, she quickly dashed forward to steal the gun holstered on his hip. Throwing down her now empty gun next to his riddled body, she sprinted back away from the scene of the two men she had killed and her dead friend.

Anton was nowhere to be seen in front of her. 

[to be continued…. one day]


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