…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

So Sick of this Shit…

People dogging out and deciding at the last moment to BAIL on their friends is one of the things that really bugs me. Especially when it’s a big group of people and then all of a sudden one decides they don’t want to go and so then all the others start finding excuses. It’s the fucking lamest thing ever. I get so sick of it. Oh and it’s even better when it’s in the same fucking week that they all go out and don’t invite you but talk about it in a conversation on Facebook that you were invited into. Then when you mention it, they give you a pity invite and HOUR BEFORE they all go out. Go die in a hole girls. Thanks a lot for proving what great friends you can all be sometimes. I’m sick of making all the effort and never getting any in return. So fuck you all.

That’s all.

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