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Cambodia Details (Part One)

The red dots are places to visit (I also marked the Phnom Penh Sorya Transport Station) and the bright blue are places to stay.

(click here to see a larger high resolution (unedited) version of this map)

(NOTE: all prices included are in terms of US dollars which are useable in Cambodia – or you can use the local currency equivalent)


Places To Stay:

  • Chivas Shack – 6Eo, 8Eo Street 130 (40 metres from river) – $15 a night for a double and single bed with TV, aircon, free breakfast (pitiful though) and there is supposedly wifi as well although it is a bit dodgy and I couldn’t get hold of it – there is free internet downstairs on their one computer though. Free pool table in common area and bar/restaraunt available for cheap.
    Downside: shared bathroom although it was never a problem for us. Wifi is dodgy. Few tuk tuk drivers know it without the actual address given to them.
    Upside: This is a very sociable place, and is the base for the guys who run CHOICE food runs. Owners are extremely nice. Centre of restaraunt/bar area and walking distance to palace, riverside, central and Sorya markets.
  • Okay Guesthouse – #5 Street 258 (South end of Phnom Penh) – I didn’t stay here, but my sister did and I saw the room. I think it is approximately $7 for a room for two people with a fan and bathroom. Communal “restaurant”. Internet place across the road costing about $1 for an hour or something – ridiculously cheap!
    Downside: This accomodation is definitely a tourist place and is always busy so there’s a chance it may be fully booked. The rooms are small and the bare basics. If you don’t like socialising, maybe not so brilliant.
    Upside: Very sociable, internet across the road, cheap, Owners will help out with travel plans where they can and they will hold items there if you have something sent to you whilst travelling around cambodia – you can pick it up on ur return to phnom penh (ie visas, letters, packages etc) 
  • Ankor Reach Hotel – #84, Street 63 (South corner of Sorya Centre) 017 934 017 or 099 779 969 – $15 a night for two single beds with tv, aircon, fridge, own bathroom, restaraunt, good wifi.
    Downside: walking up the stairs with a heavy backpack is a pain in the ass – the cheaper rooms are closer to the top and theres no lift. No social aspect being a hotel and not a guesthouse.
    Upside:  The best conditions you going to get for your money. Around the corner and down the street from the main bus station next to central markets. 100 metres from sorya markets (which contains a Swensons and a food store like Woolworths/Coles with every western food you desire except vegemite)

People to Contact:

  • Ross Wright: CHOICE food run coordinator
    092 798 642 or choicecambodia@live.com
  • Boun Som: Tuk tuk driver for New Futures Orphanage in Phnom Penh
    Don’t have his email address at the moment, but you could send him a message on facebook (click here) in advance and say where you want him to meet you and when and check if he’s available). Should give you a fair price – although he is a tuk tuk driver not moto.
  • Heng – +855 (0)12 675 320 – tuktuk driver – friend of the guys that run CHOICE food runs – if you use him, he could also hook you up with friends that drive motos instead if you want to do individual journeys.

Things to do:

  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (aka ‘S-21’) – around $4 entry – You don’t need a guide because there’s usually some other tourist that’s shelled out the $10 for one and you can just eavesdrop – it’s worth it. This is a must see and the only thing I would say one has to do before leaving the city. It is mind blowing and downright depressing but in an eye opening way. Any tuk tuk driver will know where it is and they’ll try charging you a lot to take you the long way to get there. You should be able to bargain with a tuk tuk driver to take two people to both S21 and the Killing Fields (see below) for around $18 and they’ll wait for you outside – pay them at the end obviously. 
  • Killing Fields – a couple of dollars entry – These aren’t essential but most people go out to it as well because that’s what the tuk tuk drivers do. If you do go, go after S21 because it’ll mean a lot more. It’s all grassy and peaceful now so it won’t have any affect on you if you haven’t already read and seen the brutality of S21. Trust me. The fields are about 30 minutes tuk tuk ride from town (faster by moto) and some of it’s bumpy so get a tuk tuk for comfort. Motos will be a couple of dollars cheaper but not by much – between $7 and $10 per person depending on how well you bargain (this includes the trip to S21 too usually).
  • CHOICE food run – free – if you get the chance, you must do this! It’s a food run organised by a group of Australian, English and American expats that goes out to remote villages where they basically have nothing. They deliver food parcels and you help package and deliver them. Gives a true view into the real life of this country. It runs every second Sunday. You can find at least one of the guys who organise it at Chivas Shack almost every evening having a drink. If not, ask the owners of Chivas when the next run is and where the guys are. 
  • The Royal Palace – $6.40 – the prices have gone up and most consider it to be a bit of a rip off seeing as it’s Cambodia. It’s cool but not that amazing. There’s the silver pagoda, but it sounds so much more grand than it actually was. The silver floor is mostly covered with carpet anway. The only thing I found awesome there was the gardens – they’re impecable – and you can see them from the grand gate from the square out the front.
  • Russain and  Central Markets – both of these are listed as ‘must sees’ but they’re both just tightly packed and extremely touristy and pricey. If you want a tourist shirt, hit central, or sewing/scarves etc hit russian, otherwise don’t bother with them.
  • Sorya Markets – markets inside and on multiple stories. Contains a Swensons (heaven on earth ice cream), a big food shop like wollies or coles, level dedicated to technology and dvds if you need it.

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