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Kraitie, Cambodia…. aka a smelly hole of a town

I can not emphasise my disdain for this place enough. I was stubborn and said to my mother that I wanted to stay there for at least one whole day (which meant 2 nights), because I wanted to look around. She said, one night was more than necessary and that most people only stop there for a couple of hours.

Turns out she was right. There was nothing to do essentially unless you want to be one of those ripped off tourists that goes to see the dolphins in their no doubt awfully treated and ruined environment (although admittedly there are rare dolphins). But no sooner had I got to Kraitie, that I realised that I was going to have to bite the bullet and admit that I didn’t wanted to stay the two nights. Heck, I wanted to get out of there within an hour of arriving. But whatever. Who doesn’t love traipsing through sludgy mud in the market streets and, from a one block radius, being able to smell a rotten kidney mixed with heaven knows what else smell. It’s horrible.

If, however, you do happen to have to travel through there, then here’s a map of where I stayed (seeing as there seems to be a large lacking of maps of kratie town on google, my makeshift one will have to do):

In case it’s hard to read, the little red thing at the bottom is approximately where my bus came in and stopped, however different bus companies will stop in different places obviously. The Yon Hong 2 is where I stayed (next to the markets) and is clearly visible on the map (#91, street 8, Kratie). And the Yon Hong 1, where we were originally heading, is on the lower right corner – from the waterside road, look for a low building on the corner with a big one behind it (blocked from the road). The side of the taller one has Yon Hong written on the side of it in big letters – that’s where it is.

However, after checking out the place a bit and walking around, we discovered that the commissioned tuktuk drivers that tried to take us to some new places, actually did come from a decent place (bottom left of the map)…. but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it. Just what the pictures on the brochure he showed us looked like.

The Yon Hong 2 was shit to say the least – the beds weren’t brilliant and I didn’t want to touch their blankets (thank god for silk lining sleeping bags – best investment I ever made in Asia), the bathroom was pretty rank, but worked and had toilet paper, and the balcony brought up the waft of kidney smell if you went out to it; but it was only $5 a night for a twin share room, and I can suffer for one night at that price. They had internet on the computers downstairs which you could pay for (although wifi is rife throughout most places in Cambodia now, apparently Kratie is yet to catch up), and the meals were pretty decent… although I stuck to museli and yoghurt for $2 the whole time because it’s both filling and there’s a hell of a lot less chance of getting food poisoning in comparison to eating meat. Although Mum reckoned the Amok was decent.

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