…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

Car crash.

It’s been raining this afternoon. Not too heavily I don’t think because I’d been home all afternoon studying and I didn’t hear it bucketing down or anything, but enough to create rather wet roads here. Last time it rained and I was driving in Dad’s car I had my foot to the floor on the brakes and that almost wasn’t enough to stop me sliding down a hill into the intersection. I had honestly though I was going to hit a car going past that time but I managed to just miss it luckily. I didn’t know whether it was that there was no grip on Dad’s tyres or if the bakes were dying, but I suspect probably a deadly combination of the two.

Today though, I was driving along at a pretty moderate speed, considering it had been raining, and I was going around a bend in the road – one which isn’t too sharp a turn, but still a bend nonetheless. I didn’t think it was a big enough turn to do this, but apparently on a wet road it is. I felt the car start to turn a bit on its own and turned the wheel to compensate. A second later it did it again but it went out of control and neither me semi screaming or trying to turn the essentially useless steering wheel seemed to control or help the situation in any manner.

The car did a full skid and swing, turning a complete 180 degrees on it’s own to the other side of the road, whilst I was trying to use the brake but not so much that it would make me completely skid out of control. I ended up on the curb of someones driveway at a stop, shaken and frantically looking for any cars coming in that direction and that could potentially rear end me. Thankfully there wasn’t any cars there at the same time as it happened or I would have hit them and had a potentially serious car crash. And thankfully I also didn’t manage to lose control until the point where I was in the clear of missing the traffic island and big poles in the centre of the two lanes. That probably would have resulted in one of two outcomes: hitting it at an angle or straight on and bringing me to a stop but also mangling Dad’s car; or mounting the curb with one wheel just enough to have the possibility of the car rolling onto it’s side.

Dad only drive’s a small Peugot Astra thank god. If it had of been a four wheel drive or something I would have been fucked.

But most of this posts has been about “ifs” and “luckily” nots. In the scenario I got, I ended up fine other than having my nerves and any confidence left in that car shaken up like a milkshake. I hate that car.


July 2, 2010 - Posted by | death, Personal, rain

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  1. Lay off the drugs homeslice!

    Comment by Defrag | July 2, 2010 | Reply

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