…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

Plan Distraction

Well at the moment I am succeeding at distracting myself from everything that’ happening at the moment. It is currently some ridiculous hour in the morning and I haven’t slept but instead sat in this same chair for hours on end (and when I say hours I mean that I’ve probably been here for almost 12 hours straight with the exception to toilet breaks and the 30 minutes I took to go and quit my job).

For all those hours I have simply been doing cross stitch and watching a mixture of Skins (Season Two) and Brothers and Sisters (Season Four). Megavideo is tedious at times with its specific quota of how long you are allowed to watch it for. But I suppose that is the point: to frustrate you so much that eventually you pay for it.

At least the cross stitch is coming along:

Although, just looking at this picture, I’ve already noticed a mistake, which means yay for me, I GET TO GO BACK AND FIX IT….. *sigh* … at least I can get frustrated at the damn cross stitch which takes your WHOLE concentration rather than anything else in my life at the moment.

I suppose it is nice to be distracted at the moment… Even if it is a depressing, selfish, wallowing sort of distracted. At least it’s a change from this morning. I was supposed to be working today, so I got up and left by 7.30am from Dom’s house and was at work with 5 minutes to spare. I did the morning training and loaded up the car. Drove around lost for ages because the stupid new girl kept giving us wrong directions then finally got to my site for work for the day by about 10. We set up the table and the products we were selling then I went to get food.

Somehow in the few minutes that I was eating chocolate (which is usually a happy food) my mind managed to slip and all of a sudden I was crying and couldn’t control myself. So I called my boss and asked if I could leave. She said yes so I drove all the way from south of the river to Dom’s house (North of the river), the whole time crying. I got to his house, kept the sunnies on so when his mum answered the door she wouldn’t be able to tell I’d been crying retardedly. I walked straight through the house to his room and just climbed straight back into bed and into his arms where I finally managed to stop crying and eventually slept again… until 2pm.

He was packing his stuff for his camping trip by then and so half an hour later I left (but not until after I discovered that he accidentally put on my skinny leg jeans thinking they were his). I went back to college and resumed my place in this seat. And this is where I have stayed. Problem is, I can almost see this weekend as a test run of what’s going to happen.

Dom is going to leave in 2 and a half days time and I’m going to be left crying my eyes out. Then I’m going to seclude myself to doing things that distract me and that either involve no-one or so many people that I’m lost in the crowd and won’t matter anyway.

I was supposed to go to two birthday parties tonight and I just couldn’t be bothered. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood for socialising. I was also supposed to go for drinks with a group from my old work (which, it turned out, was actually another birthday party and I just didn’t know about it). Eventually I guilt tripped myself into going to see them because I felt bad for having cut them off for the last couple of weeks. So I went.

Sad part is, I actually forbid the Dom leaving topic and any “are you ok?” talk, but then felt disgusted when people were having a really good time. One of the girls was really drunk and so overly happy and loud and I honestly felt repulsed by it… then again she did keep trying to push my head into her boobs and I just really wasn’t in the mood for that sillyness. As for the male population at the bar. Let’s just say I was even more repulsed by every one of them that looked my way. Anyone that did it twice, I wanted to abuse.


Anyway, this is enough of my rambles for the moment. Back to stitching I think. Yes yes indeedy. Then in a couple of hours, the dawn service for ANZAC Day.



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Photo LOVE

I love this photo. It’s pure beauty.

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Cambodia… What Day am I up to??

Well today I spent all day in bed sickHow much more awesome can it get?!

*note: immense and extreme sarcasm used for the last sentence*

Last night we went to a local festival which was put on by Suzuki because they were launching a new bike. I thought I’d eat some of the local food being sold there – steered clear of all the nasty looking one though of course. I didn’t think there’d be anything wrong with having some innocent ice cream…. but noooooooo. apparently when you stupidly buy coconut ice cream from a local guy, you get bloody food poisoning!

Viciously painful extreme food poisoning. Food poisoning that, no exaggeration, makes you feel as though someone is continuously stabbing you in the stomach and shredding your insides until, whilst crying from the pain, you become aware of the high likelihood of vomiting from the nausea of so much pain. It’s horrible I tell you and I have more of a desire to become annorexic than ever go through that again.

It actually became so painful that, whilst still at the guesthouse on my own, I had to get the orphanage director to phone one of the guys across at the orphanage to pass on a message to my Mum to come back urgently. She got back here in a hurry of course all worried and wanted to take me to hospital. I refused. Quite frankly, the idea of going to a hospital in Cambodia (or any other asian, african or third world country) freaks the fucking shit out of me and this morning I was opting to sit there in agony rather than take my chances at one of those hospitals. Fuck that.

Then I was offered to be taken to the Australian Hospital – which I will admit, if desperate then that is where I would prefer to be – however it is two hours away in Phnom Penh (the capital city) and I didn’t think I’d make the trip there too well. So instead I toughed it out with minor medication and alas I’m still living. Yay for me. Mum had said food poisoning usually lasted around 8 hours and it was pretty much exactly true in my case (thank god it wasn’t any longer).

I still feel a bit off colour and sometimes feel a bit faint when standing up, but I just avoid that on the most part. It’s working pretty well for me at the moment.

In other news, last night I finished the poster (below) that I’m going to be taking to Phnom Penh this weekend to post up in different hostels, guesthouses and hotels. This makes the second project for advertising NFO now done. Next project is making the film for the tuk tuks that will be in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap as advertisement. that should be fun 😀 anyways, nighty night xx


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Another awesome site to check out!!

My communications lectures (and unit in general) are usually pretty darn boring and very rarely do we learnt something that is actually amazing… then again maybe that’s due to the fact that the unit is called ‘Human Communication: Debating Technology’. However, sometimes we do get the rare gem (ie being shown Monty Python’s ‘Search for the Holy Grail’ as an example of rhetoric) and this site that was shown to us, is one of those gems:


The following video, ‘Titanic: Two The Surface’ is a mash up of a whopping 24 different movies (see if you can spot them all) to create a “sequel” to James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster, Titanic. In this version Jack doesn’t die but is instead frozen on the night Titanic sinks. He is recovered by a team in the present day where he is then brought back to life and he is then forced to start a new life (after escaping the governments research labs). It’s actually put together really well in terms of creating a new story altogether.

This one is called 10 Things I Hate About Commandments and is obviously a mock up of 10 Things I Hate About You except using 

And the supposed cream of the crop on the website is this little mash-up: Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall turned into a feel-good romantic comedy. This video actually won the Association of Independent Creative Editors Trailer Park Competition in 2005.

But I thought that this one was definitely one of the best ones that I watched. The way that they managed to pull all the most relevant parts to be made to sound dirty is brilliant. It’s a parody of Brokeback Mountain using Star Wars. Watch it or else! Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback

And at the risk of over-flooding this post with videos, there’s one more: Scary Mary. I find it funny purely because they managed to take a completely innocent kids movie and successfully turn it into a really creepy looking horror movie.

There’s just so many more that I want to add here, but I don’t want to go overboard so instead I’ll just post some links to some more. So in the event you get bored and need to procrastinate, these are some time fillers (although not all of them may be from thetrailermash.com):

  • This one isn’t brilliant, but I’m posting it especially for my friend grubstreethack. Top Gun parody staring the one and only: Kim Jong Il. It’s called Songun and it’s a parody of Top Gun North Korean style.
  • Mrs Doubtfire becomes a thriller about one man’s pedophiliac obsession: Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Saving Private Ryan mashed up to be a comedy: Where’s Private Ryan
  • The somewhat iconic mafia movie Scarface turns comedy: How Scarface Got his Grove Back
  • A parody of V for Vendetta… using SESAME STREET!!! C is for Cookie
  • A combination of I Am Sam and Milk, creating a mash up story of a man who fought for the forbidden love of a little girl: I Am Sam Milk. (Even though this one isn’t brilliant, it’s worth watching this one just to read the beginning green credit shot).

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Scott Wade Dirty Car Artwork

scott wade

Introducing the newest artist for the collection that I’m slowly building up on my blog: Scott Wade (pictured right).

Wade’s art isn’t exactly traditional nor is it conventional – he creates his works of art on the back windows of dirty cars. The works are nothing short of amazing and I’m quite in love with them at the moment. He doesn’t only do traditional masterpieces (but those are the ones I chose to post here being they’re amazing), he also does animals, contemporary figures and people, funny faces and messages. He’s well worth the google search if you have the time.

scott wade dirty car art 4

The Birth of Venus’  by Boticelli


scott wade dirty car art

The Creation of Adam’ featured in Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in Italy… reworked of course.


scott wade dirty car art2

A bit of ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci with some of Van Gogh’s ‘Stary Night’ in the background. Why not eh?


scott Wade dirty car art 5

Girl with a Pearl Earing’ by an unknown artist

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Street Art No.3

Mt Lawley street art jennifer Lopez Style

This is an old piece of street art near where I used to live with my Dad. I’ve always thought it was pretty cool (despite it’s strange concept of correct/accurate body proportions). It’s another one to add to the Collection of Street Art that is slowly going to build up here. However it’s slowly been modified over time. The woman (with the Jennifer Lopez look alike ass) has almost always been there, but the writing along the sides was added just a couple of years ago over the other details originally done. I remember watching the guys hired to do this as they spray painted it all on.

mt lawley street art close up

Mt Lawley Street ArtAnd now this is the new character which was being spray painted and painted on (by a different guy). I don’t know if they are going to redo the whole thing or not, but this one is sort of cool. It hadn’t been finished when I took the pictures, so it will be interesting to see the final product.

The close-up detail of the chick (right) is pretty cool though. It doesn’t look so amazing from a distance (left), but I think they may be due to the fact that it’s incomplete so far.

We’ll see.

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ENSD’s Signature Image

At the moment, seeing as I only set up this new blog less than a week ago, I’m trying to design the signature image for this blog. I did this for my last blog as well except I used an image which I had manipulated from an original photo that I took. This time, I want to use something more photographic and real as opposed to my posterized last image (although I did dearly love that at the time). So I’ve created some option… Now I just have to choose… Or you could choose for me?

Here are the options.











Between you me and the gatepost





I think I’m tending to lean towards Otpions 4 or 5. I did originally pick 1 as the image I would use and so I designed that one first. Now I just think that it’s better off at least having some people in it. I love the Option 3, but it sort of feels a bit too much like it should be a supermarket or fresh produce advertisement. What do you think?

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