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Scott Wade Dirty Car Artwork

scott wade

Introducing the newest artist for the collection that I’m slowly building up on my blog: Scott Wade (pictured right).

Wade’s art isn’t exactly traditional nor is it conventional – he creates his works of art on the back windows of dirty cars. The works are nothing short of amazing and I’m quite in love with them at the moment. He doesn’t only do traditional masterpieces (but those are the ones I chose to post here being they’re amazing), he also does animals, contemporary figures and people, funny faces and messages. He’s well worth the google search if you have the time.

scott wade dirty car art 4

The Birth of Venus’  by Boticelli


scott wade dirty car art

The Creation of Adam’ featured in Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in Italy… reworked of course.


scott wade dirty car art2

A bit of ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci with some of Van Gogh’s ‘Stary Night’ in the background. Why not eh?


scott Wade dirty car art 5

Girl with a Pearl Earing’ by an unknown artist


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