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Quote of the Week #23

Instead of my traditional styled Quote of the Week, this time I went for a little bit of photo editing to create a quote of the week picture! That’s right people, get excited! 

It’s a Jim Morrison quote about his hair. He has some damn trippy quotes and this is just one of the funny ones (one of my other favourites is: “Actually I don’t remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.“) And on another quicker note, just to add to this blog seeing as I seem obsessed at the moment, while I was searching through photos of Jim Morrison on Google, I managed to find this one below (which is epically awesome). It was created by a fan recently quite obviously, but it is creative and I gotta give them a kudos for the effort, after all it does match up perfectly.

And now it’s time for another ‘Quote of the Week’ first – it’s going to be accompanied by the tune of the week. The easy listening track to accompany the quote. In this case it is, of course, by The Doors (get over it, I love them). This is the song that is now getting repeatedly stuck in my head simply because it’s so catchy and happy. Of course, there are others just as catchy and happy such as ‘Love her madly’ and ‘Break on Through’, but I’ve over played them so much it’s not funny – time for something different! LEARN TO LOVE IT! (and please excuse the shitty graphics on this vid, but it has good sound, which is what matters)

Love Street


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Video to Watch (coz it’s fucken awesome)

Watch it watch it WATCH IT!

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