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Fashion Photography + Emma Watson = Magic.

I stumbled upon these photos for the August edition of Teen Vogue this year. They were taken by photographer Norman Jean Roy, whom I’ve never heard of, but for some reason I positively love these photos. I love this first one the most. The one in the woods following it reminds me very much of some photos taken by Annie Leibovitz.

I love love love these photos!


emma watson teen vogue august 2009


emma watson teen vogue august 2009


emma watson teen vogue august 2009


The reason I stumbled upon them however was because I was looking for a picture of this gorgeous gold dress that she wore to an awards ceremony. I’ve seen it a couple of times before and I think it’s stunning. I swear the girl just doesn’t put a bloody foot wrong when it comes to fashion…

Emma Watson Gold Dress

And at the risk of an Emma Watson overload for one post (and at the risk of seeming obsessed), I thought I would post this picture as well, because not only is it also stunning, but the dress is gorgeous too…

emma watson model photo shoot


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Gorgeous Dress!!

Emma watson 1970's vintage ozzi clark gown Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere

emma watson ozzi clark vintage 1970s gown red carpet harry potterI’m positively in love with this dress at the moment! Of all the dresses that I have seen being worn on any red carpet so far this year, this one has been my favourite! It’s a 1970’s vintage Ozzi Clark gown worn by Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) on the red carpet for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I just think that it’s so elegant and beautiful and she definitely has both the body and the grace to pull the gown off (unlike a clumsy heffa such as myself).

Of course, it’s unfortunate for her that the waist high split became a hazard when mixed with gusty winds at bad weather at the premiere. She had what is now being called her own little ‘Marilyn Monroe moment’ (seen left). Well, at least she was wearing underwear – and they’re even plain old boring skin coloured undies as well so it’s not even like it was some lacy underwear or something that would get her caught up in some scandal… unlike some other celebrities *cough* Britney Spears *cough* who are repeat offenders of going commando and forgetting all elegance, grace, propriety… etc. Seriously, like no one wants to see that ay. Someone should have taught her commando and skirts don’t mix unless only with your significant other, in which case kink it up, but certainly not when you have cameras around you 24/7.

britney_no_underwear  britney-spears-no-underwear-yet-again  britney-spears-upskirt-no-panties-01-thumb

(I couldn’t bring myself to post the explicit version of each of these photos… the first one is horrible to see without the ‘censored’ banner covering the money shot…. horrible I tell you!)

Anyways, I’m going to go now, because I have to go catch me a plane to go see my father on the other side of the country. I’m going for a joy ride in a hot air balloon on Tuesday which should be fun and I’m going to hit up some of the prime spots in our nation’s capital… as well as take this chance to do bulk catch up work for uni *sigh*. Ta ta peoples!

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