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between me you and the gatepost.

Review: Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

The second book in the Beka Cooper series, tells of her first adventure as a fully fledged Dog. The tale follows her and the various partners she is assigned, until mounting circumstances lead her and Goodwin to Port Caynn to investigate a problem with counterfeit silver. The novel details her first proper ‘hunt’ and the trouble she finds herself in along the way with a mixture of suspense and a lot of predictability. The second book also sees an introduction of a new cast of characters, while also keeping the characters from the first book in the background action. 

Bloodhound is a brilliant follow up to Terrier, although it lacks the charm and wonder that Pierce managed to convey in he tales about Alanna, and definitely lacks the suspense and build up held in The Trickster series, which only contained two books.

I’m hoping that the third and final book for the series, Mastiff, will have Rosto appearing as the main man in Beka’s life again, and I’m more interested to see how Pierce will play out the Corus situation, in particular with The Dancing Dove and the small pieces that tie into all the other Tortall books. I’m holding out for Beka to finally give into Rosto, and then it will almost be a mirrored story of Alanna, but we shall have to wait and see…


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Four New Piercings

Well, this time next week I shall have four new piercings. 
It’s funny because whenever I say that, I get this funny reaction from everyone: sort of a raised eyebrow skeptical “…Where?” When Mum enquired where I was today and I said I was at a piercing parlour she paused for the smallest second and then sort of looked me up and down. It was brilliant, because it was like a first class ticket to seeing a mothers worst nightmare being suspected: She couldn’t see any piercing, so they had to be in places hidden by clothes…. oh god!!
Truth is I wouldn’t even consider getting any piercing like that. I find that just plain weird. If I didn’t already have it done, I don’t think I would even have bothered with the belly button piercing. It’s not exactly amazing.
No. I’m being nice and simple and getting all four piercings in my ears. Two studs at the top of my left ear and then one new stud for each lobe. Nothing amazing. Best part about it all is that I managed to con one of my friends into getting her tongue pierced if I got my four piercings, and I get to watch that being done. Needless to say, she’s scared shitless at the moment. 
Should be alright though. Pretty funny that me of all people is getting four piercings done at once. I’m the kid who only had one ear lobe pierced for two and a half years because the first one hurt so much and I went into shock. Stupid people should have just done them both at once. What fools.
I think my pain threshold has somewhat changed now. When I was a kid I couldn’t stand needless or blood tests (which I was supposed to have at least once a year, every year) and I would run away, kick, scream, shout, and even bite to get away from having to go back to the kids hospital here. Now I think I could probably go as far as to say that I actually enjoy them. I became the first kid in the line for getting needles at school to show all the others that it didn’t really hurt.
Strange how things can change. At least this was a good one.

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