…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

So beautiful…

When I first got to our resort that we’re staying at, I was amazed at how gorgeous it was – and that was when it was dark and barely visible. I sent a message to Dom saying that if I ever though Mum was a snob when it came to acommodation, Dad out did her on this trip haha.

This morning though, it was GLORIOUS. There was frost outside and the lake had mist on it. The sun was just coming out on the mountains.

G. L. O. R. I. O. U. S.

The photos don’t even do it justice…


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More and more choices….

Well last night Dad dropped a bomb.

Apparently the agreement for college wasn’t that he would only pay for one year (which got extended to two on account of the fact that I got accepted half way through the year). I thought this was the deal, and after that I would have to pay for it myself because I didn’t just get a completely free ride.

As a result, I’d always figured that once that time ran out, I’d have to leave college. Because as much as I love it there, I can’t afford to pay for it myself, and even if I could I would not pay that money for college. I would use it for travel. I’d save it. Even though I love college, if it came down to a choice between travel and college, I’d pick the worldly experiences.

Soooooooooooo….. This changes everything.

Before, I knew that this coming semester would be my last at college – the last thing holding me in the city. Once college was no longer an option, rather than torture myself by continuing Uni (something that I’m not enjoying at the moment) whilst moving back home (something else that I don’t really enjoy at all), I would instead fulfil my need to leave that place and instead get out to see some of the world. I was planning to leave at the end of the semester to go to either Canada or the USA to do a snowboard instructor internship – I pay to do the course and at the end of it there is a guaranteed job working with them. It sounded brilliant and if I wanted to do that, I really needed to jump onto that boat now before all the spots are taken. However, the ski season goes through until April – May sometimes…. and university starts in March.

Hence, I wouldn’t be able to stay the whole time… although I would maybe be able to get in 3 months worth of snowboarding time there… except 5 weeks of it is the training… so it’s just less than 2 months of actual work and I don’t think I’d earn enough in that time frame to even come away from it balanced – i think i will have spent more than I would have made. Which is shit.

But at least I’d be qualified to go across again the following season… when I will have almost have finished my degree.

The thing is, Dad’s hopes were apparently that I wouldn’t take a gap year at all and that I would just go through and do the rest of my degree in one hit – get it done and out of the way. And he would pay for me to be at college for that (of course I don’t think he’s aware that I’m actually at uni for an extra semester that a normal arts degree)… And I take my Dad’s hopes really seriously. Because I don’t want to dispaoint him. There’s honestly very few things that I can think of that would be worse than disapointing Dad. And I don’t want to.

So I guess now it comes down to this semester – If by the end of this semester I think I can hack it and I can finish my degree in one shot, then I will do it. But if I’m still desperate for that time away, well there’s no point in wasting either Dad’s or my money.

On the bright side, at least this means that I could do the shakespeare courses coming up next year in first semester.I’ve been looking forward to them and was so annoyed that I would miss them if I went away. I love shakespeare. And Arts courses are on a rotational once every two years sort of thing.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now. I’m fucking knackered, it’s just past 1am and there’s a spider crawling around on the desk somewhere at the moment… and my lack of knowing of it’s precise whereabouts is kind of freaking me out at the moment…

So it’s goodnight time and I shall write again tomorrow (perhaps) haha.


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What a great fucking night. Not.

Well tonight I was actually fucking scared.

I was scared because some freaky ass guy was fucking stalking me. He followed me for three whole blocks while I was walking alone at night time.

And it’s not like I imagined it or exaggerate either. When I first realised he was there I began walking into shops and pretending to look at things so that way if he wasn’t following me he would end up infront of me, but he didn’t. He’d always wait outside or the one time he saw me looking straight at him, he walked a couple of shops up the street and waited there instead.

Then when I was nearing the end of the shops and the lihts (and too freaked out to keep going), I turned around  and went back a couple of  shops. That’s when I realised that it was official seeing as he followed me backwards. There was no escaping the fact then.

So I went across to the big hotel across the street, freaked out as all hell, and he watched me go. I went to the reception and he called someone to take me back to my hotel.

I got back and walked into our room. Mum was there because she’d been out with others from our group tonight instead, hence why I went off alone. This was the exact conversation that followed:

Mum: So, what did you buy?

Me: Nothing except a cyclo ride back.

Mum: Oh ok.

Me: I wouldn’t have taken it, I would have just walked, except someone was following me so I just wanted to get home and away from him.

Mum: How much did it cost you?

Me: Fifteen [fifteen thousand Vietnamese dong = roughly just under US$1]

Mum: Oh well not much then. I picked up your laundry…[and then she launched into her story about how she went across to the place where the boys were having drinks and coincidently where the laundry lady is, and how she got the laundry and then sat with the boys. Then about how they had told her about how they had both slept with one of the girls in the group and mum was saying how amazed she was about it and basically that Sarah was “doing the rounds” (Mum’s equivalent of saying being a slut) and the boys didn’t think much of Sarah.]

Not once did she ask me about the guy that had been stalking me. Not once did she care about any detail to do with it. She didn’t care at all. It was more important to talk about the laundry and the groups dirty gossip than to ask her daughter about a man that perhaps could have beaten, raped and mugged her daughter if things had gone differently (and I was carrying US$150 with me as well). Heck, he could have just kidnapped me and sold me into the sex industry. It’s not like it doesn’t happen here.

Ok, I know those possibilities are far fetched and unlikely. If anything had of come of it, it most likely would have only been a mugging…. But I was carrying an excessive amount with me tonight, and a mugging is a mugging – it’s still going to frighten the fuck out of anyone. No one is used to something like that to the point where it isn’t frightening anymore. 

I honestly couldn’t believe it, and so I shut myself in the bathroom to do some more laundry in the sink. After  came out of there she said some small things but I was in no mood to talk – especially not about that guy. She tried probing and I told her I didn’t want to talk to her about it seeing as she obviously didn’t care about it… that resulted in a fight naturally and her defense was that she didn’t know what to do or how to react because I’m always snappy and moody. 

So I told her that if she really thought that was the best way to deal with it then that was fine, and the next time she was stalked and felt like her life could be threatened, then I’d also ignore it as well and talk about something completely and utterly menial.

Then she told me I was being ridiculous, and I said I wasn’t because the fact was she didn’t care. She was a mother and didn’t as even a single question when her daughter came in and said she’d been followed. She hadn’t been worried even in the slightest and now she was just trying to change the direction of the conversation so that she could feel better about herself.

It was just after that, that I took the childish option to leave (dramatic I suppose). I walked out of the room and took my laptop. Now I’m sitting downstairs in the empty restaurant almost wishing that I was back home (part of me was sad tonight that there’s only just over a week left of traveling – despite the fact that I still don’t like Vietnam all that much).

I think I’ve sat down here for the last two hours purely because I wanted to punish her and make her worry. She deserved it. But that’s just the childish part of me coming out again. I couldn’t have stayed in the room though. It was too stuffy in there with the two of us and I wouldn’t have been free of her annoying me.

Anyways, I think the staff here have almost given up hope of me leaving. The restaraunt has been empty except for me, for the last hour or so. They’ve made it clear they want to go home – actually I think they have all gone home except the manager. So I might clear out and go back upstairs. I’ll shut myself in the bathroom and wash my hair or something –  a last resorted attempt to shut myself in another room/somewhere away from my mother.


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Quote of the Week #16


“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.”

– Bob Dylan


This quote managed to grab the spotlight this week because I have spent the week with my father and I learnt that he also has a tiny spot of skin cancer. Although it’s only small, it’s still scary to think that it could become something more and that potentially one day it could become life threatening if not caught properly in time (heaven forbid that should happen and touch wood on my behalf so it doesn’t). I love my Dad dearly and it was scary when he told me casually. He hadn’t told either me or my sister previously and it was only because I noticed the predominantly noticeable scab on his cheekbone where they’re trying to burn it off with a cream, that he actually told me about it here.

I don’t want to loose my Dad. I very rarely get to see him, and I don’t want it to go down this path. I’ve already been down it with my Granddad (rest his soul) and once again, my sister and I didn’t know about that one until there was only 3 months left in him. I loved him so much and that’s left a scar on my heart ever since.

So the reason this quote gained the spot is because I want to appreciate the memories I’ve gained in my week here with Dad. I went hot air ballooning and just hung out with him. THings that seem simple, but that mean so much to me considering I have so little time with him.

So to both my Granddad and my Dad, I love you both immensely.

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Friday the 13th DOES equal bad luck

Friday the 13th and my sister manages to have a car crash.
How brilliant.
At least she is alright and didn’t get hurt. The front of her car’s a bit smashed up though. It’s a shit car (an old Ford Mondeo), so really it doesn’t matter all that much. Plus it’s been stalling (despite it being an automatic car), spluttering/shuddering a lot and it has shoddy brakes… So really it’s not all that safe to be driving and she should have sold it long ago. 

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Just thought that I would post this photo
of my little cousin which I took today.
It’s just cute and I liked it 🙂

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