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The Homer Chronicles of a Cafe

homer simpson and homer illiad

I saw this at the cafe that we went to this morning for our weekly sunday family breakfast, and I thought it was rather quite brilliant. So I took a photo of it so the rest of the world could see the awesomeness of it as well.


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The Brilliant List of Weird Food Combinations

Ok so I know pretty much everyone of these combinations, seem utterly weird (and some of them sound down right gross to most people), but each of them sprung up from a group of us at work saying different things we liked to eat and then mixing them together. It all started with one fateful day when I craved both grated cheese (yes it had to be grated, because it has more flavour lol) and ice-cream. So what did I do? 
Mixed them together of course.
I know it sounds weird, but it’s not like they actually blend. The ice cream just makes the cheese cold, which intensifies the flavour. And of course they’re both creamy foods so it’s not really that big a deal. Not really.
So here’s two lists of different combinations. Combos that I’ve already tried and foods that I’ve either been recommended or have made up myself. I’m willing to try them all. you should try at least a few. I’m yet to find something horribly wrong and disgusting.

Combinations Already Tried:
Grated coon cheese with plain vanilla ice cream
Mash potato mixed with scrambled eggs
Starburst Jelly Beans in Uncle Toby’s ‘Plus’ Cereal (and extra sultanas)
(but not recommended if you like lots of milk on cereal. I have minimal and don’t let it soak)

Plain pasta with black olive slices

Toast with Vegemite and Honey (personally I found it weird)

Maccas hot chips dipped into soft serve ice cream.

Plain pasta and Banana slices (has to be sliced for the flavour!)
Coles BBQ chicken and plain vanilla ice cream
(The debate: whether to have the chicken hot or cold. I tried hot and it wasn’t so bad. That makes me think that cold chicken would be fine)
Sunset Salad (Jelly set with celery, pineapple and grated carrot)
Melted Chocolate on Thins chips (like fondue)
Thins chips and Starburst gummy fruits ‘sandwich’ (chips on the outside)

Combinations Still to be Trialed:

Soy Sauce Popcorn (not drowned in it though of course)

Mash potato and Black sliced Olives
Coke with Pineapple peices mixed in (I suppose it would be like punch?)
Marshmallow melted onto chips (completely covered – not just some)

A single Lemonade (the fruit not the drink – and yes it is a type of fruit related to the lemon) piece (not slice) wrapped in a Burito tortilla
Small seedless green grapes dipped in melted cheese
Jelly with starburst lollies (gummies, jelly beans and sours – the lot!) and coke (the drink) mixed in.
Well that’s about all that I can think of at the moment. If you have any suggestions (that are actually both edible and a combo of nice foods – not two rank foods) then please tell me and I’ll add them to the list. They might be weird combinations, but most of them do taste pretty darn decent.
And that’s all folks 🙂

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