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Current Options for Studying Abroad Next Year…

I’ve looked at the Academic Ranking of World Universities on both the Global and European scale and the sad thing is, I can’t go to most of them. It sucks. Because as much as I’d love to just choose any old university, I would also like one that is highly regarded or respected on an international scale seeing as I want to be working internationally after my degree. It makes sense.

Now I am going back to the Exchange office again tomorrow morning, so chances are that these options could change tomorrow, but for the present moment, these are the options that I’m looking at ( I took out the ones I definitely wouldn’t go to purely because I don’t want to be studying in those countries – mostly because they’re in Asia, too close to home, Germany, Italy, or places in the USA that I don’t want to study in – but the rest are still convincible):



1. Sciences Po (Paris, France)

Academic Ranking of World Universities: # 204

Unsure as yet to whether or not I would be able to study in Paris, at the moment (from what I can tell with my limited french skills on the completely french website) I think I might have to go study out in Menton, which is near Monaco on the Mediterranean sea, in order to be able to do a politics course on Middle Eastern and Meditteranean affairs in english… or I could go to Le Havre which is north on the english channel and not far from Paris to do european politics in english.

That’s the thing – getting an english course.

2. University of California, Berkeley (USA)

Academic Ranking of World Universities: # 3

Berkeley has an amazing film programme (although it has limited spots so I doubt an exchange student would be given one) which I could use for my communication studies (although they haven’t made a patnership with our communications department so I don’t think it would be accredited)
. It also offers English and Politics, so I could study any on of my chosen majors and they seem to have some pretty good courses listed.

It’s not like I’d be short of choice here and it is a highly regarded university (America’s top public university). The only problem is of course, that I wanted to be in Europe next year – not America. But it’s still worth looking at nonetheless.

3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (USA)

Academic Ranking of World Universities: # 13

They have a tonne of English courses (upper level) to choose from, as well as a shit load of communications courses (upper level) to choose from (although they haven’t made a partnership with our communications department so I don’t think it would be accredited). And to top it off that have a multitude of Political Science courses. So really, I’m spoiled for choice here and they have everything I want – including  accommodation unlike some of the European universities. But once again – it’s in America and I wanted to be in Europe for next year to travel as well.
(Oh and I just found out James Franco was studying there in 2008 – god dammit I’ll miss seeing him there by next year! F*#!)

4. Royal Holloway (University of London) (UK)

Academic Ranking of World Universities: # 316

There’s a large choice of English courses that seem pretty good and although they have politics, international relations and communication studies, I don’t think I’ll be able to get them accredited seeing as those departments don’t have a partnership with the corresponding UWA ones. Damn fools. 

The bright side: This will get me to studying in London again and it’s pretty (it’s in a freaking castle) and I have a friend that did his degree there and liked it (although it wasn’t exactly rave reviews)… On the downside:It is on the outskirts of london, not the center and, most of all, it’s not ranked very highly in the scheme of things…

5. University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Academic Ranking of World Universities: # 43

There’s quite a few political courses that I am able to do here and as far as I am aware they’re all taught in English. Although that would be one advantage to going here – I can attempt to fail at yet another language. (They recommend going across for an intensive learning language crash course for two weeks prior to semester).

I actually did consider going here originally when I first started thinking about Studying abroad. The only thing that stopped that idea was the ridiculously high prices for student accommodation. I will admit no matter where I go, they will be high, but this was almost outrageous. And if I do end up going on exchange (I will god dammit!) then I want to stay in a hall of residence preferably so I’ll be with a lot more people and hopefully make a lot more friends that way.

And those, my friends, are my top five choices at the moment (although the last two could be swapped maybe… the only reason Royal Holloway got #4 despite being pitiful in world acclaim was because it’s in london, there’s no language barrier and did I mention it’s in a freaking castle?)

Well it’s time for me to do some readings for my politics tutorial now. It’s almost 3 am and I have to get up in just over 5 hours in order to be at the International Students office by 9am to meet with the Europe specialist guy. Then it’s 7 hours straight of fun fun fun university with no breaks! -_- man my time table really sucks. But I’m committed to going to all of my classes tomorrow since you can’t miss tutorials and I’m already behind on approximately 30 lectures – yes I know. I’m a terrible student considering there’s only been 3 and a half weeks of class so far. SHUT UP.

Goodnight folks xx


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Well I’ve hit a snag with my study abroad plans for next year. I just found out that I am unable to do an exchange to UCL (my university of choice) for politics or english (both of which the university offers but doesn’t offer to exchange students). They only offer engineering science and geography.

This was the glorious institution that I wanted to attend (which also ranked as the 4th best university in the world).
But alas…

… UCL fails.

So tomorrow I’m going back to the office to talk to the guy who specialises in europe exchange studies. Hopefully he can help me find somewhere else, although my heart was really set on that and I find myself somewhat deflated now.

I thought the next best option would probably be to study in paris… Or denmark I guess. I’d prefer paris, but I know that they don’t provide any student accomodation – hence I’d have to find it on my own and that’s something I dread.

When my sister lived in paris for 6 months she was staying in an apartment that was smaller than any bathroom iv ever had. In order to fit three people in there, one person had to sit on the bed and one had to squeeze in so that the door could be shut. The toilet attatched to the floor was no better than a hole in the ground. It was HORRIBLE and she paid a fortune for it.

Plus let’s face it: I fail at french. Literally.
I failed it last semester because I didn’t go to basically ANY of my classes and I suck at picking up languages anyway.

But I suppose failing london, I would prefer to go to paris. It IS a beautiful city… Either that or else I have to change ALL my plans for next year and I’d go to america instead to study at Berkley or UCLA. But like I said, that would change ALL my plans. Next year was supposed to be my europe year and then AFTER I finished my degree I was going to do road tripping around america. That’s what I had planned anyways and it worked reeeeally well. This would fuck that all up.

Grrrr. This is so frustrating. There’ll no doubt be another blog to come tonight about the different universities I’m now looking at as possibilities. *sigh*

See ya kids.

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Quote of the Week 14


French is my favourite – fantastic language, especially to curse with. Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’encule de ta mere! [Translation: Name of God of whore of brothel of shit of filth of fucking your mother up the ass.] You see, it’s like wiping your ass with silk, I love it.”

– Merovingian (The French Guy) – The Matrix Reloaded –


This is this week’s Quote of the Week seeing as French is constantly on my mind at the moment… however, that’s usually because I’m feeling guilty about my lack of attention to it when I really should be focusing on it a lot harder seeing as a lot balances on me at least passing the unit this semester. It screws up a lot of plans if I don’t pass it. But we shall see. It would probably help if I at least started going to my classes, let alone actually tried studying for a bit at home. It’s not one of those subjects that you can ignore all semester and then cram for in study week (which is what I do for every other subject I ever do).

This quote at least shows the fun side of French. It’s pure brilliance if you ask me. 😀

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