…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.

My Photography Skills = AWESOME

Chris’s awesome camera (the replacement one I had to bring up to him) has the lovely ability of being waterproof up to ten metres. That meant we were able to take photos of each other from the water (and in the water) when we were swimming in Halong Bay. That was pretty cool. I took this one below and it’s my favourite because of the timing…. and Mitch looks hilarious.

You can’t really see a close up of Mitch though. I would try cropping it and getting a close up but seeing as I had to get this photo from a Flickr account instead of the full quality original, the pixels are SHIT.


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I looooove snow :)

Day one snow boarding = mega mega mega HAPPY!!!!!!!

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Ssssstudy mode….

Ok well I kind of fail at it….


… and I don’t do algebra or whatever that is…


But I am doing my ‘English: Crime and Violence in American Literature’ essay.

Topic of choice:

‘American culture regards sexuality, not physical violence, as the main arena of crime.’

Hello A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams… and a perfect night in writing an essay instead of out celebrating my last night in this horrid town for 5 weeks and the end of exams (well sort of).

Yes. Who really wants to go out and have fun when you can do this instead?

Hello sarcasm, my old friend.
Oh, how I adore you so. 



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Cyanide & Happpiness comic + superpower

Cyanide & Happpiness comic + superpower

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Well today, I actually managed to get a glimpse of my old self again for however breif an amount of time. Admittedly I am always that bit more happier after having talked to Dom and I was a hell of a lot happier last night after having such a shit day… then again, talking to Dom and then going to bed alone is also depressing.

But today was better. I was working with Luke today and he’s my 36year-old-going-on-18-years boss who is positively crazy and has some of the funniest and wildest stories to tell. Today’s best one was probably the poo pig…. Which really DOESN’T need to be expanded on.

But he never fails to make someone laugh and he had me smiling and laughing the whole time today, which was good. It was nice.

I also found that I had a dress that I really want to buy on my mind all day…. And that’s the first time in a while. Usually I would be considered a shopoholic and even when broke I would go to the shops to fins things I wanted to buy, purely because I love shopping. But in the last week couple of weeks shopping has been far from mind because I was spending time with dom. In the last week since he left I’ve been jobless and broke so I haven’t been able to/i haven’t wanted to get out of bed anyway.

But it seems that the ridiculous urge to buy even more things I don’t need may be slightly returning. Go figure.

And lastly, I went to uni today. Its the first time iv been to THAT tutorial (which is compulsory to go to but iv been either skipping or rescheduling) since probably the beginning of semester. So much so that one of the guys saw me and was like “Wow… You’re back…” I aslo had to breifly meet the people in my tutorial presentation group for tomoro because, oh yeah, I have a presentation tomorrow!… Should probably get onto that… Apparently we’re doing a mock “board room meeting”, just to make it “a little more interesting”. Sounds gay but whatever, I’ll roll with it.

Anyways I should probably go figure out what the fuck I’m actually supposed to be presenting. Just thought I’d break the monotonous depressing tones of late with this post.

Tata kudarinos!

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Video to Watch (coz it’s fucken awesome)

Watch it watch it WATCH IT!

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Joy Flight To The Moon On Sale For $100M ! What A BARGAIN!

Well I’ve sort of neglected this blog for a long time of late. I’ve been busy and I suppose I’ve not really had much to whine about like usual.

But I just saw this travel and adventure site called Adrenalin. I’ve been looking up quite a few sites like this of recent but this one here made me laugh quite immensely. You can click on adrenalin adventures to space it seems and the comical part isn’t just that you can take a voyage to the moon for $100,000,000.00 but that there is a ‘buy now’ button right next to the trip. 

It’s so incredibly stupid because how many people just happen to have a spare $100 million lying around to blow on a casual joy flight. Even for the people that do have that kind of money, they wouldn’t exactly be sitting on the internet and clicking ‘buy now’ – chances are they’d have their assistants assistant organising it for them or something. 

I just love the ridiculousness of it all.

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