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Vandalism Has It’s Costs, Believe Me.

This is another blog which continues in the story about Jane. The blog that follows this one (up the page) is probably rather harsh saying all that crap, because she is a good friend…. I just worry about her a lot and I don’t want to see her doing something silly as a short term solution and then getting caught doing it, or worse getting a habit, and then screwing up her whole life as a result of this phase, which will eventually end.
So I thought it was only right that I wrote about the things that have led up to this point in time and explain the events of the last few days which I alluded to in my last blog. I mentioned the fact that she was thinking about returning to the drug dealing business as a result of needing to pay a fine/damages for the destruction (vandalism) that she did and got caught for. Well I took some photos and as you can see… they’re pretty scary some of them.
You see, this whole thing started as the result of a dare which I made. Jane originally thought of the prank, but I put it on the to do list of things for her. Each of us made a to do list for the other person full of stupid little dares and this was sort of one of hers.
The dare was to create a crime scene type thing in the year twelve area of our school with like a body outline of a body/couple of bodies on the ground. So Jane did this using white paint. She also manages to rope in one of her friends to join her in the mayhem that she created.
However the two girls, when they went there at night time managed to get a little bit “carried away” and they got “creative”. By this I mean they ended up extending the prank artwork a long way. They began writing things everywhere and splattering paint everywhere else. It was crazy. By the time I got there a day and a half later, the cleaning process had begun and I missed out on the majority of it because it had already been cleaned off with numerous hours, chemicals and a pressure hose.
I got to see the year twelve area which was the place where they started and apparently the worst affected section of the school. I was honestly scared when I saw it. I can say that legitimately, because despite already having been told a few times by jane that they got “carried away” and having high expectations, I was still absolutely, jaw droppingly gob-smacked at both the amount that they had done and the amount of anger that was in it.
Most of the words were done by Jane, and it’s clearly evident that she wasn’t in a good “state of mind” a the time. The words were angry and scary to read – and I didn’t even get to see them all. Apparently there were some lyrics in the quadrangle (which were cleaned off long before I got there) which said something like “Let’s slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful” (Plus 44 lyrics – ‘No It Isn’t) and there were others as well, but like I said, I didn’t see them all. I was merely told about the others and am yet to see the photos that she took of them at the time.
But the thing is these words and angry splatters (which were on everything – every door nearby, every wall, every pillar etc) even had the teachers talking and worried. The teachers had all held our year group in really high esteem as being the best year group to go through our school so far, but they are now all saying that they have been sadly disappointed. our good reputation has been ruined by a “select few” and “that’s sad”. Do you know what? Who cares!
But most of the teachers, while also being angry at the girls for doing something so incredibly stupid, are really genuinely worried about them. My art teacher was worried about “where their heads are at” because the writings were so angry and vicious. That’s not really without warrant now is it?
Anyway. The day after they had done it, Jane went back to the school to hand some things in and admire their work. Our year co-ordinator (the boss teacher of our group) found her and began to question her. The cctv (video cameras) had revealed who Jane’s friend was, but they couldn’t identify Jane on the footage. She went into an automatic defensive mode and lied when she began to panic.
The reason our co-ordinator asked her was because when the teachers were asked who they thought it could have been, one of them (Jane’s favourite teacher) said that she wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jane and another girl (who wasn’t there). The teacher also mentioned Jane having asked for some paint from the drama department which she had just noticed was missing. Turns out that Jane hadn’t even touched that paint and so it was a false clue that led them to jane anyway.
So Jane then felt really bad after being questioned and went to talk to her favourite teacher, who she’s closest to and talks to a lot. While there, she broke down crying and whilst having her melt down, the year co-ordinator came to try and find her with a police officer accompanying him. He saw what was happening and told her to just come to his office when she was ready.
So, Jane willingly confessed to having taken a part in it all and having done the vandalism. Talks ensued from school, police, Jane, and then all again to Jane’s parents. It was a bit patchy for a while as to what course of action was going to be taken but everything has finally been decided: The school has formerly chosen to press charges against the two girls, which means that they will either be tried as juveniles by a board who will most likely give them a light fine each and lots of community service, or, they will be tried as adults (seeing as one turns 18 in december and the other in january), which will mean they will probably get a heavy fine and either community service or possibly jail time (though that’s doubtful) although it would still be served in a juvenile center.
In the event that they don’t receive a fine as a result of all of this, their parents shall be forcing each of them to pay back half of the costs for it all to be removed, despite it having been covered by insurance. it will be made as a “donation” to the school (not that it needs any more money).
The thing that’s still plaguing my mind, aside from the obvious worrying about Jane, is the fact that I can’t shake the feeling that I might have been able to stop it. I feel bad enough that it was a dare that I gave her in the first place, but I was supposed to have gone with them that night. Now, understandably I would think, I’m glad that I wasn’t there, especially seeing as things would have been multitudes worse for me than either of the other two seeing as I travel in a different crowd and hold positions of authority amongst the student body. But I can’t help but feel that if I had of been there then I might have been able to talk at least Jane out of doing all of that… and the other friend wouldn’t have done it without Jane.
So maybe I could have stopped this whole thing? 
True we’ll never know… but what if I could have? What if I could have stopped this whole ordeal which is happening right at the breaking point of exams, heightening Jane’s problems and worries, and causing possible future problems? What if I could have?
So is it partly my fault because of that??
I don’t know.

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