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between me you and the gatepost.

Street Art No. 5

Awesome video… But it makes you wonder, who the hell has that much time on their hands hey? Kudos to them all the same ūüôā


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Street Art No. 4


street art + canberra

These are just some pieces of grafitti/street art that I found on a wall near the coffee store that I was visiting today. I thought they were quite good and the one on the left in particular made quite an impression.

The other day I spent the whole day at the National War Memorial and war museum (being annoyed by all the bloody kids running around from schools, who didn’t give a damn for history, the dead, me or my $1500 camera… stupid kids!). Seeing as I’ve spent the last couple of days soaking up this war history, it seemed strange to see this piece of street art so blatantly making a point against war and the army. Fairly so though I guess…. but I also think that sometimes it’s necessary… it’s just that we don’t go about it the right war.

Then continuing with the war theme today (although this was completely coincidental I assure you), I watched Blood Diamond again tonight. I really do love that film and once again it has reaffirmed my desire to be a journalist/correspondent in war/high risk zones (for anyone who hasn’t read it, one of my very first blogs was about the movie and about how it made me want to be a journalist). I told that to Dad ¬†because I was making him watch it, and he turned to me and said very simply, “She could have easily died.”

I know that.

street art + canberra

But despite that, I find that even after watching that and thinking it to myself, I really want to do it. I want to try and make a difference. There’s a scene in the film where Maddy has a monologue about how upset and pissed off she is about the fact that she can write and write about the atrocities and exploit a nation’s grief, but it won’t stop it, and it won’t change a thing…. I think that could possibly become one of my problems too one day… owell. I’ll leave that for when it actually happens.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now. There will be more photos of this trip soon to come!




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Scott Wade Dirty Car Artwork

scott wade

Introducing the newest artist for the collection that I’m slowly building up on my blog: Scott Wade (pictured right).

Wade’s art isn’t exactly traditional nor is it conventional – he creates his works of art on the back windows of dirty cars. The works are nothing short of amazing and I’m quite in love with them at the moment. He doesn’t only do traditional masterpieces (but those are the ones I chose to post here being they’re amazing), he also does animals,¬†contemporary¬†figures and people, funny faces and messages. He’s well worth the google search if you have the time.

scott wade dirty car art 4

The Birth of Venus’ ¬†by Boticelli


scott wade dirty car art

The Creation of Adam’ featured in Michelangelo’s ceiling in the¬†Sistine¬†Chapel in Italy… reworked of course.


scott wade dirty car art2

A bit of ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci with some of Van Gogh’s ‘Stary Night’ in the background. Why not eh?


scott Wade dirty car art 5

Girl with a Pearl Earing’¬†by an unknown artist

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Street Art No.3

Mt Lawley street art jennifer Lopez Style

This is an old piece of street art near where I used to live with my Dad. I’ve always thought it was pretty cool (despite it’s strange concept of correct/accurate body proportions). It’s another one to add to the Collection of Street Art that is slowly going to build up here. However it’s slowly been modified over time. The woman (with the Jennifer Lopez look alike ass) has almost always been there, but the writing along the sides was added just a couple of years ago over the other details originally done. I remember watching the guys hired to do this as they spray painted it all on.

mt lawley street art close up

Mt Lawley Street ArtAnd now this is the new character which was being spray painted and painted on (by a different guy). I don’t know if they are going to redo the whole thing or not, but this one is sort of cool. It hadn’t been finished when I took the pictures, so it will be interesting to see the final product.

The close-up detail of the chick (right) is pretty cool though. It doesn’t look so amazing from a distance (left), but I think they may be due to the fact that it’s incomplete so far.

We’ll see.

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Street Art No.2

street art 2

I was wondering the streets of my city the other night on a date with a guy from Uni – yes that’s right people I’m on the next step after getting over my Boss, I’m actually trying¬†to date other people (however unsuccessfully it might be) – and I came across this poster art on the streets. It was pasted on the side of a building, which is currently very visible due to the vacant lot next to it.

I thought it was pretty cool for what it was. I really do have a weakness for street art I think, but this one had a certain charm. I think it reminded me of Del Kathryn Barton, winner of the prestigious Archibald Prize for portraits in 2008. The styles are sort of similar, in terms of the flat look of the artwork… then again I think the street art is a lot more simplified than Barton’s. At least Barton’s has a little bit of tone¬†usage¬†in it.

Del Kathryn Barton's Vasili KalimanYou Are What Is Most Beautiful About Me by kathryn del barton



Left:¬†‘You Are What Is Most Beautiful About Me’ by Del Kathryn Barton. Winning portrait of the 2008 Archibald Prize.¬†

Right: ‘Vasili Kaliman’ by Del Kathryn Barton.

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Unknown Art

On Sundays, when I go to work I park on the streets because there is free parking and I usually go to the same street every week. Walking to and from there every week means that I go past the same buildings and there has always been one building with has either very few things or nothing in it. However lately while it is up for rent, an artist is currently using it as a studio. Whoever they are (I think it’s possibly the guy that I’ve seen there once), I admire their work and it fascinates me.


This is the front window of the place, which is how I can see into the studio. Hanging in the window they have put up ¬†banner of papers saying “ish” over and over again, and also a poster of ¬†two men (possibly middle eastern?) who are walking in the street. I couldn’t get a clear photo of that, seeing as I was only using my phone.

artist unknown

IMG00765Inside on the left side of the room they have a whole line of bikes, an old tv and this wooden cut out of a man (I think it could possibly supposed to be Jimmy Dean). Freaked me out the first few times I saw it because I thought it was a real man staring straight out the window at me.

On the right side of the room there’s more bikes and there is this painting that they’ve created, which I love. I think the reason is just because I’m a big fan of the whole messy style of art. I think if you can manage to put a million elements¬†together¬†in the dirtiest and messiest way, and still¬†manage to make it all balance out and look right, then you’ve created a genius piece.

Robert Rauschenberg (a 20th Century american artist), was always one of my biggest influences as an artist. Among my favourites of his are Rebus, the Soviet American Array III, and  Booster. The last one was one his first works that I got to see at the National Art Gallery and I was in love. He combines a lot of techniques I love such as using newspaper, scraps, paint drips, scribbles, charcoal, layering, montage, etc. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Rauschenburg died in early May last year.

Here’s the close up of the detail on the actual unknown painting itself at this studio I found:

The unknown painting...

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It’s just a bit of street art!

In yet another attempt to procrastinate from my philosophy studies for my exam whick i have in just over 2 hours time, I thought I’d post up some random pictures I love. A small passion of mine is street art and these are a few gems I found in my city.¬†I found the following two on the streets next to the shops near my old house. They’re so random, but I love them.

And this one below is a picture that my friend took when she had just moved to Japan. It’s a random piece as street art as well, but I just love it.

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