…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.


There is absolutely nothing happening at the moment.


Big fat nothing.

I’m sitting around on my ass (which is still bruised from snowboarding by the way -_-) watching TV shows and movies. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to start studying for my one exam left…. Stupid fucking exam. Meh. Politics is not interesting enough at the moment for me to want to get out of my lovely warm bed and draw myself away from my lovely hard drive full with 300GB worth of procrastination. Beautiful.

At least I’ve stopped going shopping all day every day. Then again, I had to restrain myself at some point from wasting away my precious savings, especially with my trip to Vietnam to see Dom less than a week away. This time next week I shall be attempting to sleep (probably rather unsuccessfully) on some ridiculously uncomfortable chair in the Kuala Lumpur airport with Kristie. And then at 8am the next morning I shall be in Hanoi and hopefully both Dom and Matt will be there as well… If not… well I’m sure Kristie and I will be able to find something to do in the mean time haha.

Tomorrow I will be picking up both of our passports with their new visas from the embassy (and splashing out $150 to cover them both ūüė¶ dangit) and then going to have lunch with Dad followed by buying a whooooooole lot of foreign currency to take away with me. YAY. Exciting yes?

Well that’s about as exciting as I’ve got at the moment.

I send a new picture (and let’s just say, it’s not your average kind of picture *wink wink* if you get what I mean) to Dom and what do I get? No reaction. Then again… at this point I don’t know if he’s even seen it yet.

Eh. Who knows. I’m in the mood for some ridiculously corny chick flicks and a 3rd bowl of ice-cream. PIG OUT SESH.

At least I haven’t had anymore fucked up dreams since a couple of days ago when I dreamt that Phoebe stabbed me in the neck with a fork… and then I passed out bleeding whilst she tricked the people that were trying to help me that she had already called an ambulance when in fact she hadn’t… by the time the people trying to help me realised there was no ambulance coming, called one, and it arrived, I would probably be dead. But I didn’t get that far into the dream. I just started to pass out with a dizzy light headedness and then woke up from the dream. I woke up with that tingling weird sensation on the spot where I had been stabbed – exactly the same as all my other dreams where I get hurt.

… Man I have some fucked up dreams predominately where I get hurt or killed…

Wonder what that means?


Icecream tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime XD nighteo


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More and more choices….

Well last night Dad dropped a bomb.

Apparently the agreement for college wasn’t that he would only pay for one year (which got extended to two on account of the fact that I got accepted half way through the year). I thought this was the deal, and after that I would have to pay for it myself because I didn’t just get a completely free ride.

As a result, I’d always figured that once that time ran out, I’d have to leave college. Because as much as I love it there, I can’t afford to pay for it myself, and even if I could I would not pay that money for college. I would use it for travel. I’d save it. Even though I love college, if it came down to a choice between travel and college, I’d pick the worldly experiences.

Soooooooooooo…..¬†This changes everything.

Before, I knew that this coming semester would be my last at college – the last thing holding me in the city. Once college was no longer an option, rather than torture myself by continuing Uni (something that I’m not enjoying at the moment) whilst moving back home (something else that I don’t really enjoy at all), I would instead fulfil my need to leave that place and instead get out to see some of the world. I was planning to leave at the end of the semester to go to either Canada or the USA to do a snowboard instructor internship – I pay to do the course and at the end of it there is a guaranteed job working with them. It sounded brilliant and if I wanted to do that, I really needed to jump onto that boat now before all the spots are taken. However, the ski season goes through until April – May sometimes…. and university starts in March.

Hence, I wouldn’t be able to stay the whole time… although I would maybe be able to get in 3 months worth of snowboarding time there… except 5 weeks of it is the training… so it’s just less than 2 months of actual work and I don’t think I’d earn enough in that time frame to even come away from it balanced – i think i will have spent more than I would have made. Which is shit.

But at least I’d be qualified to go across again the following season… when I will have almost have finished my degree.

The thing is, Dad’s hopes were apparently that I wouldn’t take a gap year at all and that I would just go through and do the rest of my degree in one hit – get it done and out of the way. And he would pay for me to be at college for that (of course I don’t think he’s aware that I’m actually at uni for an extra semester that a normal arts degree)…¬†And I take my Dad’s hopes really seriously. Because I don’t want to dispaoint him. There’s honestly very few things that I can think of that would be worse than disapointing Dad. And I don’t want to.

So I guess now it comes down to this semester – If by the end of this semester I think I can hack it and I can finish my degree in one shot, then I will do it. But if I’m still desperate for that time away, well there’s no point in wasting either Dad’s or my money.

On the bright side, at least this means that I could do the shakespeare courses coming up next year in first semester.I’ve been looking forward to them and was so annoyed that I would miss them if I went away. I love shakespeare. And Arts courses are on a rotational once every two years sort of thing.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now. I’m fucking knackered, it’s just past 1am and there’s a spider crawling around on the desk somewhere at the moment… and my lack of knowing of it’s precise whereabouts is kind of freaking me out at the moment…

So it’s goodnight time and I shall write again tomorrow (perhaps) haha.


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Quote of the Week #34


‚ÄúWhat you‚Äôve done becomes the judge of what you‚Äôre going to do ‚Äď especially in other people‚Äôs minds. When you‚Äôre traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don‚Äôt have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄstWilliam Least Heat Moon


That’s what I love about travelling – if you go somewhere else you can be a completely different person. You can completely reinvent yourself if you want. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to Canberra – no one knows me. I can go there and have a good time acting confident and happy – because no one will know any different. There’s no one to rip me for something stupid I’ve done or pull me down for past mistakes. I’ll be free in a sense.

I love travel.

I really do.

Bring on the holidays and getting away from reality for a while ūüėÄ

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Tick Tock

8 hours

until I should indefinitely be finished my essay. Fuck.


1 day 9 hours

until I board a plane to go to Canberra

1 week

until I will be snowboarding

2 weeks 5 days

until vietnam

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The Road is Life

Our battered suitcases were

     piled on the sidewalk again;

we had longer ways to go. 

But no matter, the road is life.


I found this picture and I quite love it. Although I can’t help but read feelings of¬†loneliness¬†and desperation in it. It reminds me of all those designed and mastered images of ‘post-apocolyptic’ worlds and what they could possibly be like. It also sort of reminded me of ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy.¬†Kudos to the artist (Michael Kursche I think?) There were a number of other images up at the same place although I’m not sure if they’re also by him as well… (click on them to see larger versions)


Toodleoo xx

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crazy times people, crazy crazy times.

I’m in a strangely crazy mood at the moment. Perhaps it’s the ridiculous lack of sleep in the past 24 hours and the strange dreams that I had in the one hour of sleep that I have¬†had. Or maybe it’s the 6¬†caffeine¬†pills I’ve taken in the last three hours whilst deleriously tired – My hands are¬†shaking so that would¬†suggest something to do with the¬†caffeine.

But I don’t think that would affect my mind. I’m just in a curiously crazy state of mind at the moment – I’m rationalising things I would usually deem ridiculously stupid. I feel like flying to the other side of the world to live these holidays¬†and on to next year on a wim. Like I could just spontaneously and suddenly book a plane ticket and leave. And my rationalisation for it is that I’m only young once and if I don’t follow this whim – something that I really want – then I’ll never know. Even if it does lead to disaster.

But omg I would do it. I would.

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Kraitie, Cambodia…. aka a smelly hole of a town

I can not emphasise my disdain for this place enough. I was stubborn and said to my mother that I wanted to stay there for at least one whole day (which meant 2 nights), because I wanted to look around. She said, one night was more than necessary and that most people only stop there for a couple of hours.

Turns out she was right. There was nothing to do essentially unless you want to be one of those ripped off tourists that goes to see the dolphins in their no doubt awfully treated and ruined environment (although admittedly there¬†are¬†rare dolphins). But no sooner had I got to Kraitie, that I realised that I was going to have to bite the bullet and admit that I didn’t wanted to stay the two nights. Heck, I wanted to get out of there within an hour of arriving. But whatever. Who doesn’t love¬†traipsing¬†through sludgy mud in the market streets and, from a one block radius, being able to smell a rotten kidney mixed with heaven knows what else smell. It’s horrible.

If, however, you do happen to have to travel through there, then here’s a map of where I stayed (seeing as there seems to be a large lacking of maps of kratie town¬†on google, my makeshift one will have to do):

In case it’s hard to read, the little red thing at the bottom is approximately where my¬†bus came in and stopped, however different bus companies will stop in different places obviously. The Yon Hong 2 is where I stayed (next to the markets) and is clearly visible on the map (#91, street 8, Kratie). And the Yon Hong 1, where we were originally heading, is on the lower right corner – from the waterside road, look for a low building on the corner with a big one behind it (blocked from the road). The side of the taller one has Yon Hong written on the side of it in big letters – that’s where it is.

However, after checking out the place a bit and walking around, we discovered that the commissioned tuktuk drivers that tried to take us to some new places, actually¬†did come from a decent place (bottom left of the map)…. but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it. Just what the pictures on the brochure he showed us looked like.

The Yon Hong 2 was shit to say the least – the beds weren’t brilliant and I didn’t want to touch their blankets (thank god for silk lining sleeping bags – best investment I ever made in Asia), the bathroom was pretty rank, but worked and had toilet paper, and the balcony brought up the waft of kidney smell if you went out to it; but it was only $5 a night for a twin share room, and I can suffer for one night at that price. They had internet on the computers downstairs which you could pay for (although wifi is rife throughout most places in Cambodia now, apparently Kratie is yet to catch up), and the meals were pretty decent… although I stuck to museli and yoghurt for $2 the whole time because it’s both filling and there’s a hell of a lot less chance of getting food poisoning in comparison to eating meat. Although Mum reckoned the Amok was decent.

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