…entre nous soit dit…

between me you and the gatepost.


Well today I spent the first half sleeping despite six alarms set to wake me up (and keep me waking up continuously so I would be up). AS a consequence I didn’t get any work done and hello to my assignments, they’re still hanging around like a bad smell (which means that yes I’m going to continue winging about them). On the other hand my room smells lovely and fresh in it’s cleanliness (thank you cleaner).

Went to lunch to sit with my usual group of girls and found us sitting with my room neighbour (Ashleigh) and her boyfriend (Nick, who is the epitome of weird). One joke made by the boyfriend and Erin was storming silently out of the dining hall. I had asked Asleigh if me coughing lately had kept her awake and she said that she had just gotten used to it, but that Erin’s music was too loud sometimes. That’s when Nick turned around and said, “That’s not the only thing too loud.” He was implying Erin during sex, which admittedly is loud and definitely voted as loud enough to gain her a nomination for the college unofficial award of ‘Screamer of the Year’ and to make her notorious after a certain rather loud sex in the shower incident last year. When Nick said it and I finally clicked onto what he said after a second and I laughed out of shock at the joke. It was so unexpected. Erin didn’t take it lightly, nor the fact that Holly and I laughed at it. So she spent the rest of the day avoiding us, hence I had a quiet day.

I spent the afternoon coughing up blood – a sign which usually would be considered rather unhealthy no doubt, but in fact is a sign that the antibiotics have finally worked and I’m getting better. My lungs feel miraculously better in comparison to how they were at any stage during the last 5 or 6 weeks. Yay for getting better in time for the holidays. Then again, if I don’t get sick from being in at my Dad’s house (where apparently it is ghastly cold at the moment and threatening to snow soon), then I’m bound to get sick from the change between ridiculously cold freezing my socks off to ridiculously hot where I won’t be able to walk down the street without sweating up a storm (or so I’ve been told).

I also managed to start clearing out some more clothes to take home… to save the packing next week just a tad… plus I started pulling aside some clothes for the two trips these holidays (and I hope that doesn’t jinx either of them). I’ve already taken home all my party type clothes… well I took home half my hang up wardrobe and the couple of things that I knew I wouldn’t wear in the three weeks remaining. But damn I collect too many clothes… there are still some with tags still on them for christ’s sake! A couple of those which I bought almost a year ago. It’s ridiculous and yet I can’t help buying more. Maybe I should stop buying cheap ass shitty things that I don’t end up wearing, but instead buy higher quality nice things that will be more expensive but worth it if I actually wear them… Plus with higher prices I wouldn’t be able to collect so much junk in my wardrobe… however I’d also be out of more money no doubt.

There’s just no winning haha.

At the moment all I’m doing is counting down the days:

6 more days
9 more days
25 more days

I’m most excited about the last, but I don’t want to jinx it by writing about it here either. So I shant. That will be it.

Nighty Night peeps 😀 xx


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More updates!!

Finally put up some more of the old posts… Eventually I’ll get there, but I’m so back logged at the moment. Siem Reap may take me a while seeing as I still have to sort through all of my temple photos before I can finish off the wrap up for Siem Reap. So I might not get that done for a while yet.

In the mean time, enjoy these random ones:

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