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‘WTF’ of the Week #4: Man Charged with Biting Girls, 8.

Man Charged With Biting Girls, 8.

“In 2009, the victim was an overnight guest of Mr Nelson’s daughter in his home. In the most recent incident, the victim was the daughter of a female friend of Mr Nelson. The alleged attack happened in the friend’s home when Mr Nelson was alone with the girl, police said.

The sheriff said neither of the girls required extensive medical treatment. One was bitten above the hip and the other on her left calf.”

Ok, firstly, this reminds me freakishly of when I was about 8 years old and a boy bit me on the calf. Difference is the fact that he claimed it was because I’d knocked over his block castle and the fact that he was only 10 years old. He wasn’t 44 years old and he didn’t do it for some assumedly perverted or otherwise lacking of an apparent reason. Of course, I still maintain that I didn’t knock it over, and if I did then it was an accident. Needless to say though, it was still considered strange and outrageous for him to do that.

Myself, I’ve only had one major biting incident where I was the one responsible – I bit my sister on the arm…. hard. I don’t actually remember what she did to me but I felt I needed to retaliate so I bit her through her towel and drew blood from her arm. I got sent to bed without dinner as a result and she got coddling and ice cream. It was the first time my parents had ever given me that punishment and I didn’t think they would actually not feed me. But alas, they stuck to it, and at the tender age of around 5 or 6 years old, it was psychologically scarring.

But this guy, man he’s just freaking weird. It puts a whole new spin on pedophiles… if you can even push it into that category somehow despite the fact that it doesn’t say there was any indecent contact…


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‘WTF’ of the Week #3: Woman sues after getting four breasts

Woman sues after getting four breasts

“Maria came out of that operation with essentially four breasts,” her attorney, Michael J. Kuharski, told jurors during Monday’s opening arguments in Staten Island Supreme Court.

Postoperative photos showed heavy scars on Alaimo’s breasts, which appear flattened on the bottom with “severe swells the size of a softball on top,” reported the news site.

And for the record, NO, the picture to the right is not Maria Alaimo and that is not what she ended up with. I believe the costume in the picture would involve six breasts including her own ones and the fake ones, but the picture was funny and seemed to go so well with the article about something so stupid.

I mean really, breast duplication?!?

That just makes me laugh.


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‘WTF?!’ of the week #2: Call for rape accused to wed goat victim

Call for rape accused to wed goat victim

The young men, whose names and ages were not released, were caught in the act by police and arrested outside the rural town of Mbucuta in central Mozambique, the website of the state broadcaster said.

“One of the young men was naked and holding the goat’s head, and the other was having sex with the animal,” witness Mario Creva told Radio Mozambique.

And if you thought that this was already weird enough, well it seems it’s not completely uncommon disturbingly. Yes, we’ve all heard the jokes about New Zealanders and their seual fetishes for their sheep (because they have so many of them), but there aren’t usually any jokes about goats. Here’s another article saying the same sort of thing: Foreign Workers Rape Mother Goat to Death

Also, who doesn’t love the picture to accompany this weeks ‘WTF?!’ You get so many of these types of ironic and sarcastic photos created, but this is kind of classic in an overly controversial way.

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‘WTF’ of the Week #1: Breast Milk Cheese – and no this ISNT an April Fools Day joke.

Let me introduce you to the new feature for my blog: The ‘WTF?!’ of the Week. So it’s similar to quote of the week, but weirder and awesome…. and also to be released on Thursdays – not Fridays. Hope you learn to love it…. or at least get a giggle out of it…


Trendy bistro Klee Brasserie offers breast milk cheese

“Some people who clearly have issues have … emailed me saying, ‘I wasn’t breastfed as a child, so can I taste your breast milk?'” she said. Mason politely declined the offers. “I’m not here to walk people through their psychological problems,” she said.

That said, Mason is now prodding Angerer to make gelato out of her milk.

This is probably one of the more disturbing articles that I’ve ever read in my life. It’s foul and disturbing that people would actually want to eat that. It’s bad enough that people like to eat placentas post birth, but at least that has health benefits being one of the most nutrition filled things you can possible eat in the world…. But this? This is just weird.

And the worst part? It’s that she wants to make gelato with it!! 


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