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Across the Universe

In today’s procrastination, I started watching ‘Across the Universe‘… one of the many movies in the 140GB (yes thats right, there was no mistake in that figure) worth of movies and tv shows I downloaded in my Monday night procrastination. I gotta say though, this movie is brilliant. For those who don’t know it, it’s the based on the musical of the same name using all the Beatles songs. It’s based around a small group of friends during the revolutionary time of the Vietnam war and hippy era in America. 

I think what I like about it is that for once, none of the singers are annoyingly bad, but not only that – they actually do the whole thing artistically. It’s not just a plain jane movie. Now if you’re dealing with an era drowning in drugs and free loooooove, there’s bound to be some psychadelic crazy scenes, but this movie doesn’t just do that, it has a completely artistic side to it, at times reminding me of the montage style used in monty python…. like that but on serious drugs screwing it up haha.

The clip at the very top is one of my fauurite scenes because of how well it is shot and the beauty of the cinematography playing a big part of the clip (specfically from around 30 seconds till 1.20 mins). I also kind of have a draw to gospel singing (although not necessarily the songs they sing… but singing the beatles works so well here…)

The clip directly below is an example of  the montaging that they do (for the scene of  strawberry fields – specifically from around 2.30 mins). There’s a crazier clip than this which is just plain psycho seeing as it also involves them on drugs and at a “circus”. But this ones just cool. Below that is how they do the musical scenes – I love this one and it’s probably my favourite scene just because of how well it works. I think they do it bloody well for the drafting of the brother (the blonde guy). Actually they do a really do a really job with the whole war side of things.

Anyways, if you have a spare moment, WATCH IT!


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I still love this scene…

I just watched Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet again… twice in a row. I still love this movie and I think Baz did a brilliant job in it. I reckon on of it’s strongest acting highlights is definitely this scene with Leonardo Dicaprio. He does an amaaaaazing job… you just have to ignore the shitty first little juliet part…

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6 Songs Worth Listening to!! (if you don’t already know them, shame on you!)

1. ‘Spanish Sahara’ by Foals (no, not the Foals – just Foals)

I discovered this song thanks to the spoiler for the Skins season 4 finale (and it was about the only good thing to come out of the end of season 4 seeing as the writers all quite obviously had aneurisms or something). I heard a clip of the song and loved it so I searched it out (and believe me it took a while). The song takes quite a while to really get built up and pumping but it gets really good from around 3.30 mins. So if you’re an impatient person (tisk tisk) then skip forward.

2. ‘Blindness’ by Metric

Metric came to one of the festivals I went to last year and unfortunately I didn’t get to see them (even though I didn’t really know who they were I was going to go and see them) because one of my friends had an emotional break down… possibly related to alcohol, but I don’t think so. So I was sitting in the medical tent with her… except I was talking to another friend who was coincidentally in there at the same time with his friend that was so spaced out on pills it was funny – my friend was pissy at me for no reason so I stayed out of her way in there). Anyways. I became addicted to this song while I was away in Asia. It’s pretty awesome. Once again though, it doesn’t really get into the full swing of things until around 1.55 mins.

3. ‘Disintegration’ by Jimmy Eat World

Another song that I became addicted to whilst on my Summer trip to Asia, but not as well known as some of their other songs such as ‘Sweetness’, ‘The Middle’, ‘Bleed American’, or ‘Work’. This one is definitely a keeper though. Once again there’s about 1.20 mins of build up (I’m noticing a bit of a trend in my song choice at the moment). This one can be played over and over again repetitively with nothing else for at least 3 days straight and you still won’t be sick of it.

4. ‘The Girl’ by City and Colour

I saw Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) a couple of years ago at our version of an emo/rock festival (the only one we have). He was singing with his other band Alexisonfire as well, but I went to watch him sing his acoustic songs as City and Colour. I actually didn’t know his work that well at the time, but my ex boyfriend from year 10 who I had randomly been getting along with again at the time had told me about him and how he had wanted to see him. So I went to watch him perform and to phone my ex when this song came on. Unlike the others on this list, this song isn’t one  of the lesser known ones – this is his most famous song. Mainstreeeeeeam.

This video is the new one, but if you get the soundtrack of it, after the faster section at the very end (where they play the credits), it goes onto another section which is more whiny , but awesome. Make sure you watch this video to the end though.

5. ‘LG FUAD’ by Motion City Soundtrack

This is an all time danger to catchiness – it’s the catchiest song and once you’ve listened to it a couple of times, it is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It is pure gold though. I saw this live last month and it was amaaaaazing! I became addicted to this song last year and it became like a motto to me, so I was hanging out to see it live. It was so worth it. I’ve even converted some of the girls at college into lovers of the song. And yes, they were singing it all day. One of those girls pointed out to me the other day (and I’d never realised this before) what the song name meant – it’s the initals for “Let’s Get Fucked Up And Die”. The video clip is pretty awesome too.

6. ‘(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To’ by Weezer

This song is catchy and I’d never paid attention to these guys until I saw this song on the Asian version of MTv while I was away. I’ve heard of them before, because one of my friends is a dedicated hard core fan, and they seem like a group of jokers that like to do spoofs of things at the same time as make really great music. But this song will get stuck in your head as well if your not careful.

And that’s it kiddies. In the words of Motion City Soundtrack:

I want to thank you for being a part of my forget-me-nots and marigolds and all the things that don’t get old..”

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Youtube Video

A friend posted this on facebook – it’s a parody of English gap year students, and I’ve got to say, with the ones that I talked to in Cambodia, the ones that were part of the official gap year program, they were actually like this. So it was pretty funny when I watched it. Enjoy!

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Shout out to The Doors

Ok so last night I decided to watch the movie ‘The Doors’ starring Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan and Kyle MacLachlan. I’d heard about it before and been told it was really good, so on Thursday when I went to the video store to get out ‘A Street Car Named Desire‘ and ‘In Cold Blood‘ for university, I nabbed The Doors as well.

Val Kilmer actually has an uncanny resemblence to Jim Morrison (left: the movie poster featuring Val Kilmer), although that’s probably more to do with the hair and the jaw structure than anything else, and he does an extremely good job in the role.

Along side him was Meg Ryan, which was a great suprise to me, because of all the female actresses I could think of for the part of Pam, there’s no way she would have even come close to the top of that list. No way. I’m still not sure I liked her for the part. I think it’s her voice that had me iffy about it (as strange as that may sound). But watching the movie, I couldn’t believe some of the things she was put through. I had no idea she even existed (below right: the real Pam Courson and Jim Morrison – she’s fucking gorgeous), but more to the point, some of the things that happened were just plain crazy!

[NOTE: the following are spoilers, so if you plan on watching it (which you should) then don’t read the following]

For example there’s a thanksgiving scene in which Jim and Pam are supposed to be hosting the party, but they both take acid, so they’re completely tripping. Jim comes out with the “roast” duck which is charred black. Pam gets really upset when she sees that Jim’s “mistress” came to the party and they start to have a fight and get pulled apart. Then Pam sees the duck and continues to go off her head at Jim screaming that he killed her duck. Their fight escalates until there’s a knife involved and they’re both threatening each other. Jim puts the knife in her hand kneels before her and pulls his shirt open and they stand there for a minute yelling at each other with knife still held above him. Then they realise they love each other sooooo much blah blah blah and they’re just high. Everyone leaves at that point rather than put up with anymore of their craziness.

There’s a couple of threatened deaths throughout it. Jim threatens to jump out windows/off building ledges outside windows a couple of times and Pam has to climb out for him. He also has another fight with her which results in her locked in the cupboard and him setting it on fire before bailing. She gets out and they get back together a while later. They were both outrageously high in basically all of these scenes though. Both drug addicts obviously.

There’s another really weird scene which was the one I was originally told about and why it was recommended to me – to see the drug tripping scene in the desert  – the Peyote scene. True to form, it was crazy, but not quite as crazy as I was expecting I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely worth watching for that like 2 minutes of them just completely tripping out. (click on the link to the youtube video and skip forward to 1.30 mins. And the best parts end around 4.20 mins)

The amount of drugs they took though, I honestly just don’t know how the fuck they managed to stay alive (for as long as they did). I really really don’t. It was inevitable that he was going to die, but I just don’t know how he survived as long as he did. He had one fucked up drug fueled lifestyle – that is for sure.

Still, if I’d been alive at the time, I have no doubt I would have joined them, and no doubt that I would have thrown myself at him aswell – he was fucking sexy. You can’t deny it:

Then again, he makes long hair look fucking good, and his jaw line is pure drool-worthy! I have loved this picture of him for sooooooo long. And who could resist his singing and lyrics? Sometimes they’re completely wacked up, but who gives? I don’t know why but I’ve always thought guys from that era were kind of good looking. Weird huh. 

But anyways back to the movie: they managed to get a lot of historical events which was awesome – a lot of the crazy things that he did on stage was put into the film (as it should be). For example to the left is the real picture of Jim at one of the concerts they performed and it’s portrayed in the movie – with him falling in exactly the same position and wearing exactly the same clothing. He had been sprayed in the eye with pepper spray by the cops right before that concert, was so high that it was surprising he didn’t have a heart attack right there and then on stage. He was arrested halfway through that concert and never finished it. 

And without further adue, seeing as I’ve delayed it so far, here’s the actual trailer for the movie:

I remember the first time I heard the doors, it was at my Dad’s house. I guess he liked them all along, but he went through a phase of really liking them and just leaving the dvd of the different concerts on play permanently. He’d get the hue speakers connected up and blasting as he went around the house doing things. Maybe that’s why I originally thought the doors were so cool, but then I actually did grow to love them. So much. Now they’re one of my favourite bands of all time… and like all good bands, sadly, one of the members had to die – it’s pretty much the rule.

Lets face it: they were fucking legends.

Don’t try denying it.

It won’t work.

SIDE NOTE: I was disgusted to find in my youtube search for the thanksgiving scene that one of the results that came up as a listed match for my search of ‘the doors movie scene death’, was a video bout Edward Cullen from Twilight entitled ‘Eyes, Arms .. and you Lips || Edward’ POV’. I was positively horrified. And to top it off, it was a stupid and pathetic fan made video by some peanut sized brain swoony chit. SHAME ON YOU YOUTUBE!

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Quote of the Week #23

Instead of my traditional styled Quote of the Week, this time I went for a little bit of photo editing to create a quote of the week picture! That’s right people, get excited! 

It’s a Jim Morrison quote about his hair. He has some damn trippy quotes and this is just one of the funny ones (one of my other favourites is: “Actually I don’t remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.“) And on another quicker note, just to add to this blog seeing as I seem obsessed at the moment, while I was searching through photos of Jim Morrison on Google, I managed to find this one below (which is epically awesome). It was created by a fan recently quite obviously, but it is creative and I gotta give them a kudos for the effort, after all it does match up perfectly.

And now it’s time for another ‘Quote of the Week’ first – it’s going to be accompanied by the tune of the week. The easy listening track to accompany the quote. In this case it is, of course, by The Doors (get over it, I love them). This is the song that is now getting repeatedly stuck in my head simply because it’s so catchy and happy. Of course, there are others just as catchy and happy such as ‘Love her madly’ and ‘Break on Through’, but I’ve over played them so much it’s not funny – time for something different! LEARN TO LOVE IT! (and please excuse the shitty graphics on this vid, but it has good sound, which is what matters)

Love Street

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Video to Watch (coz it’s fucken awesome)

Watch it watch it WATCH IT!

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